Biopathy Theory


 Academician Professor Akira Osato, Ph.D.

● Academy of Medical Technical Sciences,Russian Federation
● Academy of Sciences of Technological Cybernetics of the Ukraine


 BIOPATHY is a new term coined by Academician Osato combining the root words -bio (Greek living process, a mode of life) and   – patheia (Latin, Greek therapy, experience)

Fundamental Concept

 The immune system endows living organisms with a dynamic natural healing ability. This, however, maybe weakened or disrupted by stress of various origins: chemical, physical, psychological and/or environmental. The resulting damage is manifested as illnesses.
 Conventional medical treatment consists of clinical tests that impose  additional burden upon the already ailing body. It may take several days to come up with a working diagnosis before subsequent treatment could be administered which is actually nothing more than the administration of medical drugs with side effects or adverse reactions; irreversible surgical removal of body parts; transplantation of organs which maybe artificial or from incompatible donors. In the process, only the observable symptoms of the illness are treated. This is hardly effective, as we are aware that complete cure is only possible by eradicating the root cause of the disease.
 BIOPATHY is a method of treatment which aims to restore the body to its fundamental state.  Unlike conventional medical treatment, this is a method devoid of any side effects, safely and promptly reducing the misery that arises from physical limitations caused by pain and illness to enhance Quality of Life. It restores the balance and coordination of the body’s natural defense and healing mechanisms, which allow the elimination of pathological factors, thus reversing the disease process and restoring the body to its natural order of things.

Features of Biopathy Theory

  1. Items to be avoided:
     Avoid intake of medications and synthetic chemical substances, food containing additives, health food products without official clinical proof of safety to humans, animals and plants grown in unnatural and artificial environments. The body may recognize any of these substances as foreign, thus resulting in excessive internal free radical production. Exposure to electromagnetic waves used for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases should be avoided where possible. Daily intake of osmotically treated beverages should also be avoided.
  2. Method:
     Refer to data obtained by various diagnostic tests as one of the sources of reliable information.
     Being aware of the possibility of erroneous treatment brought about by misdiagnosis resulting from heavy reliance on data obtained from diagnostic tests, regarding them as the only source of information.
     Applying the nutritional approach; i.e. the intake of a food-value-enhanced nutraceutical devoid of side effects to eliminate the root cause of diseases, providing an enhanced Quality of Life, thus arriving at eventual healing.


 This method of treatment is a nutritional approach based on the use of nutraceuticals i.e. nutraceuticals with research papers that clinically prove the absence of side effects as well as the presence of numerous valuable properties, published in prestigious official academic journals.

The Ideal Nutraceutical For Biopathy

 The ideal nutraceutical for BIOPATHY has the ability to induce the necessary kind and amount of internal body secretions during each stage of recovery from illness through which self-defense mechanisms are activated. It should spontaneously and harmoniously promote the regulation and activation of vital processes such as: redox reaction (reduction and oxidation); increasing or decreasing the activity and level of free radicals like the superoxide (-O2) and hydroxyl radicals (-OH) and nitric oxide (NO); and the adjustments that facilitate the normalization of the immune system. Furthermore, it should exhibit easy, swift and prompt execution of the following properties: detoxication and excretion of harmful metals (chelation) like platinum (Pt), lead (Pb), cobalt (Co) and iron (Fe) that have accumulated in the body. It should exhibit the following properties whenever necessary: bacteriostatic action; suppressing the activation of harmful agents like mutagens  (antimutagenic actions) as well as normalizing aberrant cells safely and promptly. Its wide-ranging actions i.e. bacteriostatic, anti-aging, anti-tumor and immune deficiency restoration account for the prompt and systematic elimination of the interwoven root causes of diseases. The recovery of balance in the body’s physiological functions through the above mentioned activities also contributes to the fundamental cure of diseases.

 In BIOPATHY, restoring the healing ability of individuals suffering from diseases, providing an adequate Quality of Life and achieving cure of their illnesses through the use of the proper nutraceutical are altogether considered the best treatment.

Range of Applicability

 These effects are not limited to human beings, but also apply to animals, plants, fish and soil dwelling bacteria. Indeed, they extend to all organisms that inhabit the earth.