Cautions while taking

In order to recover a healthy body, observe the following through daily regimen.


Avoid substance that will contradict the Biopathy
Effects of unnecessary chemical, incompatible substance, substance without scientific proof

  • Pharmaceutical products, herbal medicine
  • Vitamins, calcium or other food supplements
  • Health foods
  • Semi-fermented tea such as oolong tea
  • Health drinks, treated water and sports drinks
  • Synthetic food additives
  • Health equipment with electromagnetic waves

Retaining body strength
When you take Bio-Normalizer, you feel lightness of being and become eager to move around. If you become too active, you consume energy, which delays recovery, and sometimes worsened the disease.
Especially for those with weak physical strength, it is very important to maintain adequate rest until fully recovered.

Life-style related diseases

In order to change the life-style related diseases. The life style habits must be reformed. Avoid stress that are causing or aggravating the disease.

  • Get quality sleep
  • Dietary habits
  • Fatigue and languor
  • Drink alcohol moderately
  • Avoid too much physical and mental stress.
  • Avoid smoking, it is bad for the health.